IT REMAINS The Beyond Dystopian NFT Universe

An Ethereum-powered, community-governed franchise, based on the graphic novel "It Remains". Genesis collection of 7777 generative hand-drawn Resisters. Inspired by environmental issues.


Born from the team's passion for art and technology, the beyond dystopian universe of "It Remains" aims to revolutionize the way the undying craft of storytelling is being promoted, distributed and created across new age mediums and audiences, through collaboration and innovation.

Collectors will have the chance to own fine quality artwork - actual pieces from a complex story, already two years in the making. The decentralized franchise will be governed by the community of NFT holders, they will have voting rights over major decisions related to the future endeavors of "It Remains". Including development on the metaverse, games and animated series.

The first act of the Graphic novel "It Remains" will be published after minting of the genesis collection concludes. It will be available in digital, physical and audio formats. The digital releases will be made available to all the holders as soon as they are published.

The NFT collection “It Remains: RESISTERS” consists of 7777 unique, randomly generated, hand-drawn pieces from the setting of the graphic novel, embedded on the Ethereum blockchain. The pieces offer exclusive pre-release access to the original disturbing world and characters of “IT Remains”, including physical art assets such as high-res prints, action figures and first-edition graphic novels, signed by the creators.



It Remains is a Graphic Novel in-the-making, written by author Vasil Tuchkov & drawn by digital artist Ed Mattinian.

Inspirations: Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman”, "Lucifer", Giger, Beksinsky, Cormac Mcarthy’s “the Road”, Brian Evenson’s uncanny work, Jeff Vandermeer's otherworldliness.

Premise: Father & Son at World’s End

In a world at the end of its cycle, a world perhaps much like ours, the only things left are sand, bone and plastic. And at the center of it all - a mysterious swallowing pit, which few local survivors refer to as the Yellow Mouth. Amid a thousand lost civilizations, the Yellow Mouth slowly drags everything on the surface towards its insatiable shores. The thick and oily yellow mass wobbles patiently for all that is to come. Nothing escapes It, only the rare few Resisters left manage to withstand the call of Yellow Mouth. Only these two – father & son - resist its pull. For now, anyway. It & It - father and son, walk the walk in search of meaning, struggling to preserve definition - as the last remaining archivists of the old knowledge, walking remnants of a world on the brink of erasure.
Each day It & It walk in the opposite direction of the Yellow Mouth. They eat, talk and walk only so much, as when they stop to sleep, to awaken before the shores of Yellow, and not beyond them. Each day It and It Walk the Walk. Each day It & It resist.



It & It. Father & Son against the current. The Old and the young - two Resisters modifying their bodies by dipping into the Yellow Mouth and fusing with foreign objects as part of their new flesh. The attachments, they call Addings, can just as easily be detached by dipping again into the yellow. But beware, too many Dippings and the Addings shall take over, and weigh down on a Resister, eventually turning it into a Sitter.


The world of “It Remains” is shaped by vestiges of а fallen civilization - humanity’s plastic debris junkyard. Set in beyond dystopia, appearance and characters in this universe are inspired by real-life environmental issues such as plastics and industrial pollution. For that reason, we plan to spread awareness and promote community-voted causes, committed to finding plastic alternatives, better plastic waste management, and provide support for the homeless. Become a holder and help us pick the right projects to support


  • PHASE 1
    • Approximately 2 years ago the idea of “It Remains” was born and writing of the story began.
    • The story was finished and working on the graphic novel started.
  • PHASE 2
  • PHASE 3
    • Minting concludes.
    • DAO and DAO treasury established – portion of the royalties go to the DAO treasury.
    • Staking is launched
    • Holders start earning $Addings for staking
    • The DAO treasury begins acquiring assets
  • PHASE 4
    • It Remains Act 1 digital and physical releases
    • $Addings marketplace launched
    • Purchasable with $Addings: Physical merch (action figures, prints and more), Physical releases of the graphic novel, raffles passes for high end treasury NFTs/Land, event tickets, WL spots from partner projects and most importantly free-mint passes for our future collections!
  • PHASE 5
    • It Remains PFP collection launched, mint passes claimable with $Addings
    • Pre-sale mint, public-sale mint, genesis holders mint
  • PHASE 6
    • DAO voting on environmental and homeless people support causes begins
    • Further development begins - Metaverse integration, gamification, P2E, animated series, specific direction is chosen by the DAO
    • DAO grants system for community development is launched
  • PHASE 7
    • It Remains 3D collection of fully rigged metaverse ready characters launched, mint passes claimable with $Addings
    • Pre-sale mint, public-sale mint, genesis holders mint


  • Anthony Christov temp
    Anthony Christov

    Anthony Christov spent 37 years in Hollywood, the last 18 of which, working as an art director for Pixar. Art directed films like Finding Nemo, Wall-E, Incredibles II and many more. In 2015 he co-founded IDEA academy in Rome and in 2018 ARC academy in Sofia - both are film and game dev schools.

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  • Ed Mattinian temp
    Ed Mattinian

    Ed's been drawing his whole life. Since 2005 he's held various roles in the Game Dev industry from large-scale MMO titles to indie jems. Also best building manager in his hood, guaranteed.

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  • Vasil Tuchkov temp
    Vasil Tuchkov

    Writer of fiction. Stories, scripts and film. Vasil is a published Novelist. First book published at the age of 17. Founder of StudioRubik - the Disruptive-Creative Agency. Vasil is also the Co-Founder of a blockchain full-service company. His work includes creative & marketing campaigns with viral reach in the UK, USA, Japan, Brazil. Founder of LivingWEB: Live Display of Digital Space, where Art, Tech and Advertising crossover, to transform branded installations into mind-bending sensory experiences. Vasil enjoys living with ferrets.

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  • Sasha Ivanovic temp
    Sasha Ivanovic

    Sasha is a dynamic leader with 10+ years in the media industry. Worked for Viacom (now Paramount) in various regional strategy, analytics & commercial roles, most recently VP, Strategy & Analytics. Lives in Budapest with his family, including 2 cats & 1 dog.

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  • nedqlko-nedqlkov temp
    Nedyalko Nedyalkov

    UAE representative | Entrepreneur | Crypto & NFT | Venture Fund Partner | Start-up Mentor | Deal Advisor | Investor

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  •  Georgi Pipikov temp
    Georgi Pipikov

    An IT engineer with years long experience in mainframe servers, proficient in security and system programming. Blockchain and NFT aficionado and a firm believer in a decentralized future. Passionate fiction lover and blockchain advocate.

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  • Martin Pipikov temp
    Martin Pipikov

    Innovative technology enthusiast with strong software development and project management background, currently working for one of the companies leading the digital evolution. A serious IT manager with a talent for accidental real-life stand-up comedy.

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  • Zornitsa Georgieva temp
    Zornitsa Georgieva

    Zornitsa Georgieva is an aspiring filmmaker from Sofia, Bulgaria. Her creative work for the award-nominated disruptive agency Studio Rubik has gone viral on three continents. Accolades include co-directing ad campaigns for major brands. Zornitsa is an American University alumni, majoring in Journalism and Mass Media Communications. Aside from cinema and theater, her passions include photography, martial arts, and ferrets.

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  • Martin-Halachev temp
    Martin Halachev

    Martin has 10+ yrs of management experience, including multinational companies such as Red Bull and ESL Gaming. Spent the last 8 yrs. managing projects, processes and products in the entertainment industries. His passion for crypto and NFTs is a natural continuation of his expertise in e-sports and game development.

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  • christo peev temp
    Christo Peev

    Christo Peev is a software developer and business executive with substantial entrepreneurial experience. He was featured in Forbes Bulgaria’s “30 Under 30” list as one of the country’s young entrepreneurs who are changing the world in 2019. He takes part in the development of a variety of FinTech, RegTech, and Blockchain projects, led by the world’s leading financial institutions and blockchain companies.”

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  •  Sonny Verueco temp
    Sonny Verueco

    Tech entrepreneur and a business strategist, as well as a blockchain enthusiast and crypto investor. The founder of Sunny Ventures Consulting, a growth hacking marketing & investment company. A member of the Philippine Association for Digital Commerce and Decentralized Industries & FinTech Association of the Philippines, he is also an active participant in international crypto investor communities.

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  •  Jackson Garg temp
    Jackson Garg

    Has 6 years of experience in crypto trading, investor in multiple crypto and tech projects.
    Masters in economics From IIT Kanpur, India
    Entrepreneur | Investor | HFT in crypto derivatives

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  •  Nikolay Naumov temp
    Nikolay Naumov

    Nikolay Naumov is a motion designer closely connected with the digital world. He has had the opportunity to be part of small startups and various digital projects over the years. He defines himself as a creative person with an interest in digital arts. In his spare time, he enjoys practicing tai chi / wing chun and exploring new photographic locations.

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  • Stefan Malinowski temp
    Stefan Malinowski

    Stefan is an entrepreneur with solid strategy, business development and operations experience. In the last 10+ years he has been involved in numerous complex smart mobility/city/grid projects worth more than 100 mil EUR. Stefan achieved most of his experience as part of the biggest system integrator in the region Telelink and the most successful AMI solution provider ADD Bulgaria, where currently he holds a VP position. One of his latest endeavours is the food rating app RateMate, which aims to make people’s opinion transparent and thus disrupt the conventional ad-based model in the FMCG sector.

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  •  Yana Velikova temp
    Yana Velikova

    Yana Velikova is a senior graphic and web designer passionate about creating better user experiences for products and companies. She had the opportunity to be part of both small and large teams throughout the years, exploring a variety of industries - from tech corporations to small start-ups. She describes herself as an open-minded and proactive person, who enjoys team work and is always willing to face new challenges. She loves spending her spare time, exploring the nature with her dog.

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What is It Remains?
It Remains is the first beyond dystopian universe franchise based on a graphic novel that's already been 2 years in the making.
What is Resisters?
Resisters is the genesis NFT collection from the universe of It Remains.
How many Resisters NFTs will exist?
Our collection will consist of 7777 unique hand-drawn generative art pieces of which a 120 will be pre-minted for marketing and advisors.
What is the mint price?
The public sale price is 0.066 eth
Will there be a presale?
The pre-sale is for whitelisted members and will be at the price of 0.055 eth.
The mint limit during this phase is 3 NFTs per address.
For information on how to get whitelisted go to our Discord server -
What wallet do I need to mint?
When is the sale?
Why hold a Resisters NFT?
Holding an NFT from the genesis collection gives you in the right to vote on the development direction in both the physical world and on the Metaverse. Part of the revenue generated from both worlds will be reallocated to the community of holders. The potential is unlimited.
Can 3d printing figurines be Environmental?
In short – yes.
There are 100% organic and 100% recycled 3d printer filaments with which we are currently experimenting to get the best results in terms of sustainability and quality!
Which blockchain and why?
We have decided to use Ethereum instead of an L2 solution. Because we believe it is still the most popular and the most decentralized ecosystem and would serve us best to deliver the quality of products we want. We also believe the transition to ETH 2.0 will happen sooner rather than later and will solve most of the current issues of the network and make it friendlier to the environment